Terms & Conditions


Payment Process

All Design Services require a 50% deposit. Remaining deposit is collected upon completion or within 2 months of project (due to client delay in submitting content), whichever comes first. All rates agreed on via email response to quotes, before production of work may begin.

100% of Printing/Production Cost required on all production orders prior to print.

payment-process Terms & Conditions


All Sales Final

All sales final for all design projects and/or print production costs. All rates agreed on before production of work may begin via email response to quote.

all-sales-final Terms & Conditions


2 Revision Limit

All design services have a 2 REVISION LIMIT. A thorough design analysis will be made before all projects begin for the best creative interpretation. Additional Revisions will result in an hourly rate with clients approval via email.

2-revision-limit Terms & Conditions


Project Consultations

We offer a free one hour Project Consultation via Skype or Phone. Further communication takes place via email or Skype. Additional consultations will incur an hourly rate fee. (designer discretion to be used)

project-consultations Terms & Conditions


Content Delays

It is the CLIENTS responsibility to provide all necessary information that is needed to complete projects such as but not limited to, copy, photographs, video or other such content that is to be implemented into the final project(s).

content-delays Terms & Conditions


Copy Provided In Digital Form

It is the CLIENTS responsibility to provide all written material (also known as Copy) in digital form; copy and paste format, either in an email, or word document or other format we can access.

copy-provided Terms & Conditions


Change Requests & Restrictions

It is the CLIENTS responsibility to make any specific design requests before project begins so that proper research may be done to ensure all work is possible within the technical boundaries of the project. Once project has started possibility to change/upgrade may or may not be possible and cost will depend on the complexity of the adjustment.

change-requests Terms & Conditions


Hosting, Domain & Viruses

Hosting services and/or Registered Domains, may incur periods of routine maintenance where sites may be offline. If client fails to pay hosting or domain fees, website will cease until payment is collected accordingly to the guidelines of the hosting and/or domain company that is being used.

CLIENT is responsible to obtain Website Virus Protection and takes all responsibility of inflicted damages to website if not obtained.

hosting-domain Terms & Conditions


Technology & Updates

Due to the continued update and changing of technology CLIENT is responsible for continued maintenance to website such as but not limited to, updates of Website Plugins, Web Browsers, Website Themes and other such technology that may be used for the functionality of project.

technology-updates Terms & Conditions


Colors on Production Material

Printed Material and colors seen on ones computer screen are not exact matches. Color samples may be given by request and may be an additional fee.

colors-production Terms & Conditions


Offensive Content

We reserve the Right to refuse any work or content that is offensive in nature such as but not limited to, nudity, lewd photos, pornography, violent content, paraphernalia, curse words, politically offensive material, conflicting religious material, fraudulent schemes and or any other material that we deem unfit to create or implement into a project.

offensive-content Terms & Conditions


Proofing and Approval

It is the CLIENTS responsibility to check proofs for accuracy such as but not limited to, spelling, photographs, or technical illustrations, etc., prior to print or web approval. Approval via email by CLIENT or authorized representative is required for completion of all design work.

proofing-approval Terms & Conditions



Clients own all copyrights on the final completed and approved graphic and/or web material once project(s) is paid in full.

copyright Terms & Conditions

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