Mobile Site

Responsive mobile sites is the website of choice
for businesses today

Mobile Sites are part of a long history of Web Development traveling far from its beginnings in the 1990’s when all we had were obscure data tables formatted into HTML and only a small minority even had a computer. Nowadays however the majority of the population not only have a computer but also have a tablet such as an iPad or Kindle Fire, as well as a multi-function smart phone with cameras, texting, complex apps and internet. Today more people than ever before use mobile web sites to keep-track of their worlds whilst on the move. According to 46% of web viewing is on Smart phones proving the demand for Mobile Sites. And the use of Mobile Sites is ever growing.

In a day in age when internet can be viewed on a wide array of devices such as PC’s, Tablets and undoubtedly Smart phones it is vital for any strong competing business to have what we fancy web designers call, a Responsive Website, aka Mobile Site. Responsive Web Design (RWD) technology ensures the Mobile Site images and text fits properly and looks great on any of the many devices available in the market today. When Responsive technology is not included in the website design, the website may look great on a PC but then look strange when viewed on a mobile device. To solve the problem of inconsistent imaging, we make sure to implement (RWD) Responsive Web Design into the creation of all our web development so that images will fit perfectly right across the entire spectrum of devices and platforms in today’s marketplace.

Prior to this, many images would have been cropped or otherwise sacrificed, when viewed on another smaller device. Older technology would simply lose part of the image so the picture would not be complete on their screens. Web sites for mobile devices is the website of choice for businesses today. A dedicated team of web-site developers and website designers are ready to help your business or organization get equipped with a mobile website design that fits your brand and meets your businesses mobile website needs.

The layout for our Mobile Sites is created by our web developers by applying a ‘fluid grid’- a system that uses flexible images which permit resizing, to produce the exact scale and proportions when viewed on any device. Fluid technology displays the precise image by retaining its full aspect ratio on any type of device. We also have a wide variety of Pre-made Mobile sites for you to choose from, from our Pre-made Mobile Site Gallery. And we are always adding to our pre-made mobile web site gallery all the time. Our web development process is simple and effective. The “pre-made” mobile sites also provides vastly improved websites on any device at a lower cost.

For those doing business who seek to maintain a competitive edge in today’s industry by staying accessible to your consumers through user friendly mobile sites Transformed Design are the ones to consult. Whether you need a sharp professional looking business mobile site or a fun creative portfolio mobile site we are here to help move your company in the right direction.