door hanger

5 Tips of Door Hanger Marketing

The door hanger is one of the most direct and effective means of reaching potential customers. You are using a door knob hanger with a message that is designed to alert people of your business, products, discounts and offers right on their front door.

However, to use this marketing technique effectively, you’ll have to create good incentive for the consumer to act on your offer. This means that you’ll need to create a door hanger template that will prove to be effective time and time again in order to generate consistent business.

Door hangers are a simple, straightforward and targeted form of advertising that can really work well if you follow the right guidelines. What follows are five proven tips to get the most out of using a door hanger to reach out to your customers.

Simple & To the Point:

Remember that most people will only look at your door hanger for a few seconds before making up their minds to act or to throw it away. This means that your message needs to be clear, pronounced and unambiguous otherwise you’ll only lose their attention. Use bold colors, headlines and stick to promoting a single idea or two at the most. Also, be sure to include your contact information such as your street address, web address and phone number.

Create a Solid Offer:

If you are going to the trouble of putting out a door hanger, then it had better be a solid offer. 10% off of a product is really not much of an offer unless it’s an incredible product. Instead, it should be something stronger and perhaps only available if a customer actually brings in the door hanger. That way, you’ll not only get more business, but you’ll see just how effective it was.

Strong Images:

An image can make or break your door hanger, so be sure it draws in their attention. If you are advertising a product, then show it clearly so that it can be easily seen and understood. You may combine the image with a happy customer, your building or previous work and so forth. A restaurant for example may show a wonderful meal for example. Be sure that the image will connect with your potential customer to maximize the impact.

Build your Brand:

People are often quite skeptical of trying out new products or services, particularly from a place that they may not be familiar. Your door hanger can provide information which will bolster their confidence in your business. For example, if you are a member of the Better Business Bureau or local Chamber of Commerce, provide for different forms of payment, or have customer recommendations this will certainly help boost your image.

Call to Action:

Offer a good incentive and ask for their business. In sales, you most often have to ask in order to receive their business, so create a good call to action that will get a customer to respond. Offering an additional discount or item for free is a good start.

The door hanger is a wonderful marketing tool that can be very effective if you follow a successful strategy which provides customers with real benefits.