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Conversion Rates

Conversion rates are essentially the ratio of the number of people who visit your website to the number of customers that purchase your product. For example, for every 10 people who visit your website, if one person should make a purchase that is a conversion rate of 1 to 10. The better the conversion rates, the more effective your website is at getting customers to buy.
Naturally, your goal is to increase conversion rates so that your marketing efforts are even more successful while putting in less work. Plus, it is actually easier and cheaper to boost your conversion rate rather than try to pull in more potential customers, although you should always try to maximize the number of people who visit your website.

5 Tips to Increase Conversions Rates

Call to Action: Basically, you can increase your conversion rates if you ask people to purchase your product. A call to action actually lets your potential customer know what to do next. It should be clear, provide a specific direction and be accessible on every page which includes the header. One simple, yet very successful design is to fashion a big, red button that the reader can click on to take them to the checkout.

Directional Cues:

This directs people to your call to action on the page. Often the simplest of visual images such as an arrow or photo of a person looking at the call to action is enough to get them to go where you want. Few things increase conversion rates as much as placing simple directional cues for the reader.

Infographics or Informational Video:

A short video is a great to explain potentially complex information in a very short amount of time. Infographics can also explain visually in a better manner than what you could achieve with paragraphs of words.

User Friendly Navigation:

The easier it is for a person to navigate your website, the more impressed they will be with your business. Conversely, the more difficult it is for them to find what they want on your website, the easier it will be for them to leave. Do not let this happen, make your website as easy and intuitive to navigate as possible.

Clear Message:

You need to make your message clear and concise so that a potential customer does not get confused. A person that gets confused does not purchase products from you. So, develop a Unique Selling Proposition (UPS) that entices people to make the purchase such as, “The fast & easy way for small business to create Mobile Apps” or “Discover Great Food at a Great Price”. These are really tag lines that let customer know who you are and what makes you different than the competition.

Maximizing your conversion rates will help you grab more sales and increase your profits at an investment that is usually far less than trying to make up the difference by seeking more web traffic.

How have you tried to boost your conversion rates? You may have overlooked the obvious means of getting more people to purchase your products.