healthcare website

Healthcare Website

If you are in the healthcare business, whether you are a doctor, running a clinic or other practice within the medical industry, having a quality healthcare website is often how people judge the quality medical services to be provided. The number of people who go online to look for health advice and information is continually growing in this age of information.
Having a healthcare website is a way to not only reach out to potential new patients, but it keeps you in touch with the patients that you have had for years. Whether you are in need of a dentist website, doctor website or just a general medical website, establishing a presence online can really help your practice grow and prosper.

How a Healthcare Website will Benefit Your Practice

Establishing an online presence through with a quality website is essential in helping you grow and expand your practice. Here are a few fundamental features of having an effective website that helps people feel more comfortable about you and your services.

Well Branded Design:

A well branded design lends itself to the expected care and quality of your business. Seeing consistency in photo styles, fonts, spacing and other features sets the tone of reliability that people are looking for. Design should be clean and somewhat conservative. The User Interface should be easy for people to find their way around and promotes a friendly user experience.
Content Highlights: A website is a great way to promote your own accomplishments in a professional manner. This means that it demonstrates the awards you have earned in the medical field, testimonials from patients, explainer videos and virtual tour videos, your office hours and descriptions of the services that you provide. In addition, it can also feature your health insurance options and social media links as well. Quality content is necessary to successfully communicate who you are.

Helpful Functions:

Functionality is the ability for customers to not just retrieve information, but make interactions that make their experience with your practice more quality and efficient. Such helpful healthcare website interactions would be, online forms for collecting information, scheduling appointments, a patient profile login, or online payments just to name a few common functionality features.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Having a great healthcare website is great, but being found is just as important. SEO relates to how searchable your website is via search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. SEO will need to be incorporated into all of the content that appears on your website as well as under the hood such as metatags, file naming, page titles, etc., that way, when someone is looking for the services you provide in their location, they’ll be able to find you with ease and efficiency.

CMS Backend:

CMS stands for Content Management System. Having CMS backend feature in your healthcare website is vital and the standard in the web industry. A CMS will give you the freedom and flexibility to log into your website and make the changes that you want. So, if you want to add new information about your office hours, post an article about important health information or just want to add fresh new images, you can do it all easily by logging into the backend of your site.

Having a medical website offers great advantages for your practice or facility, especially when it is geared toward the services that you offer. We ask you to take the time to check out our web design packages at Transformed Design and see how we can help you set up a healthcare website that will bring in new patients today and help keep them with you tomorrow.