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Ranking With Landing Pages

In this vast ocean called the World Wide Web, one may wondering how can one get someone to “land” on my page. One way to build traffic to your site is with landing pages! These are pages that are uniquely carved out from the crowd and are keyword focused. Content is focused on a keyword or keyword phrase for those searching. The keyword could be a particular product, a service in a certain location for example. Landing pages are set up to get landed on by people and getting them to do something you want such as leave an email, buy a product or request a sample as a means to gain there business. Landing pages can be used to come up in search engines or used as a “go to” page from an online advertisement or other forms of online advertising.

The point to landing pages is that you have there attention for just a few seconds so its important to grab their attention quickly and convert your visitors into clients or possible future clients. The landing page is a tried and true form of marketing for online companies. Landing pages are very simple and straightforward in design, with zero speed bumps to drawing your visitor to a particular goal you have. Here are a few design techniques to designing a successful landing page.

The Essential Elements to a Good Landing Page

Bold Headlines:

The very first thing your potential customers will notice is the big, bold headlines which grab their attention. You want to make effective use of bold headlines so that they reach out to your audience without pushing them away. Keep the headlines simple, clear and direct so you generate interest and not confusion.

Show the Product:

This aspect of the landing page gets overlooked too often. Be sure to show exactly what you are selling in clear, clean photographs. People want to see and fully understand what they are being asked to purchase, so don’t be shy. Plus, you can use a short, informational video to further demonstrate what the product does and how it can work for your customers.

Clear Call to Action:

The essential part of any landing page, asking people to purchase is essential to the sale. Whether you are simply gathering email addresses from potential customer or offering a free incentive for their contact information, you must deliver a clear, loud call to action to emphasize the importance of the product to potential buyers. This means that your call to action needs to be near the top of the page as well as at the bottom to ensure that you are reaching the audience.

Directional Cues:

This is the emphasis that you use to point out the call to actions on you landing page. Usually, these are visual images such as arrows, a person looking at the call to action or other indicators that really highlight where you want the potential customer to look. The landing page design should be geared around directing the reader to really focus on the elements that you want them to respond.

SEO Content:

Your landing page will need to have good, solid content as well. Good content is the foundation of proper SEO marketing so that people who are looking for what you are offering can find it more easily. This means that your SEO efforts will not only get them to the landing page, but having excellent content will keep them there.

For companies that use the proper landing page template of simple presentation, including an emphasis on call to action, they can reap the benefits of higher sales and more attention paid to their product. Landing pages are a cornerstone of effective online marketing and are used by untold thousands of online business owners and entrepreneurs for good reason, they really work. You can contact Transform Design for more information about how to rank higher with effective landing pages.
Should your online business use a landing page? If so, just what type of emphasis would you place on your product?