nonprofit website

Nonprofit Website

Are you part of a nonprofit organization that needs to build up a presence in the online community? Considering just how many people today use the web to find all of their information, it is imperative that you establish an online presence so that you can tap into the millions of people who are currently on the web researching nonprofit websites to learn more about nonprofits, what they do and how they can become involved.

For most engagement begins online. People want to know more about an organization making a nonprofit’s website a vital resource. A nonprofit website can be used to explain the history of an organization, the purpose, accomplishments and guide people to areas they can get involved.

How a Nonprofit Website will benefit your Organization

A nonprofit’s website is the hub that will act as the center point for organizations activities, events, reaching new donors as well as volunteers for organization endeavors. However, this will require having a nonprofit website with a professional design that meets the specific needs of the organization.

Well Branded Design:

A nonprofit’s website will be how people first experience the brand. Using a consistent color scheme, photo style, font or graphic placement should all tie together and most of all tie into your organization’s purpose. For example, if you are a nonprofit organization that helps the Earth, a color scheme of green tones would be an excellent fit. Real images versus stock images are a definite brand feature, as they help to show the user the inner workings of an organization.

A tagline that summarizes what a nonprofit does should be built into the company brand and placed on a nonprofit website with high visibility helping to users to quickly understand what they are looking at.

Content Highlights:

A nonprofit website should highlight the awards that you’re an organization has achieved, provide a place for testimonials from those who have either benefited from an organization’s efforts or of those who speak positively to what it does. Other common highlights can be a, milestone timeline or a list of goals that are trying to be reached. Social media links are also highly suggested so that people can stay connected and share ongoing updates.


Apart from quality content and accessible information, a nonprofit website can provide vital functions that assist the operations of an organization. Custom online forms can be used to collect important information from volunteers, respond to inquiries, online donate forms. You can set up databases through a website. For example a pet shelter can keep an ongoing list of pets that are available for adoption. There are many possibilities but the important thing is that a nonprofit website is tailored to its specific needs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search engine optimization is how people find you through search engines on the web such as Yahoo, Bing and Google. This means that your website needs effective SEO by means of embedded keywords incorporated into the content as well as into the code. Keywords are the words and phrases people use to search what they are looking for.

CMS Backend:

A CMS is vital for socially charged organizations do to the constant updates that are to be expected with nonprofits. CMS is a Content Management System that provides a backend that allows you to log on to your nonprofit website at any time and make the changes you want such as announcing upcoming events, maintaining a event calendar, sharing organization milestones and other such valuable news and updates.

In today’s internet world, it is imperative for an organization to have an optimal online presence that can guide an organization and maximize its effectiveness. Check out our website services for more information on our web design services.