Online Business Listings

When it comes to promoting your business, you will need to take advantage of every opportunity to establish your brand and build up your web traffic. This is especially true when it comes to free opportunities when you have nothing to lose.

One of the more overlooked methods that are free for many online companies is the use of business listings that help promote your efforts to the general public.

What are Free Business Listings?

A free listing is one that is used on many popular sites that range from Yelp to Superpages, Merchant Circle and the like. In some ways, they are the online equivalent of the old Yellow Pages where you list your business name, logo, address, and phone number along with adding images and other pertinent information such as coupons, discounts and the like.

Unlike printed pages however, listings can be updated and changed as frequently as you want. This means that outdated info is quickly replaced and they can be used for seasonal updates as well.

5 Ways Business Listings will Help Your Business

Powerful Search Engine Results: Small business listings help your search engine optimization (SEO) by generating more leads as people search for the products or services that you offer on Google, Bing or Yahoo. By utilizing SEO in your listing, more people will find your company online and seek out its services.

Free Ad Placement: Free business listings allow you to advertise your company without spending a dime. This is the most cost-effective means of advertising as you can choose between different sites that offer their own advantages to your marketing efforts.

Online Reviews that Make You Shine: Today, online reviews are what helps so many people decide whether to purchase from a business. When the reviews are found on business local listings for example, they can offer the proper insight for customers to choose your products or services. This is because unlike reviews and testimonials found on standard business sites, the ones on listing services are perceived as being neutral and therefore more trusted.

Good Quality Content: You can add more than just your business hours, location and phone number. Here, you have the space to add images or even short videos which can really set your listing apart. Plus, you can provide coupon codes or discounts to further attract people to your business.

Consolidate Your Listings: Maintaining all of your business listings can be a real challenge, so consolidating them to just a few sources means that you can update them quickly so that they will be uniform. This will help attract new customers to your business and ensure that all of your information is accurate.

How Transformed Design Works for Your Business

By using the unique services of Transformed Design, you can consolidate over 50 business listings into single one that makes it far easier to update, change or remove old information. This simple, yet powerful listing site lets you consolidate many of the different free business listings you have so that your marketing efficiency improves significantly.

Making the most out of business listings means consolidating them so you can keep track and update more efficiently which will in turn help you to increase the web traffic to your business.