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Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click – A Powerful Marketing Tool

There is little doubt that pay per click (PPC) is one of the most popular advertising methods on the internet. Pay per click is a method used to gain traffic to your business website via search engines or ads in related websites. Take a look at Google Adwords as an example with the ads circled in red.

Google Adwords


Link to people who are already searching for you

The great thing about Pay Per Click advertising is it links people who are already searching for your service or product directly with your company! Unlike organic search results that are obtained through free listings where no one is paying any money, PPC are sponsored advertisements. Organic search though they are free, you end up competing with often thousands of other listings. And that sure is tough to compete with especially knowing that people rarely go onto the second page. See the following joke as it may shed light on this true but harsh reality.

Second Page of Google = Desperate


Benefits to PPC advertising, including the following:

– Extended Reach: You can find more potential customers through PPC ads.
– Quick Launch: PPC ads can be set up quickly.
– Targeted Websites: You can place PPC ads to specific regions and sales periods.
– Test Keywords: This is a low-risk test of keywords for your content.
– Maximize Returns: Since PPC only cost money when clicked, the income generated pays for the advertisements.

These benefits are certainly considerable when you use pay per click as part of your internet marketing strategy.

How to Start Your Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign

Starting your own pay per click search engine campaign is a great way to jump start your business efforts. As with any endeavor, you need an effective plan in order to get the most out of your investment.

Determine Goals: Who are trying to reach? When you reach them what do you want them to do, buy, submit email, subscribe?

Set a Budget: You can make your budget as large as you want, but if you are testing keywords then a small budget is preferable.

Find Keywords: The most important step is to select the keywords which power the PPC ads.
Create Great Ad Copy: This means great headlines, copy and a call to action.
Monitor Your Results: Whether it succeeds or fails, examine and learn from the results.

Excellent Pay Per Click Programs

Google Adwords: This is certainly one of the most popular and powerful means of starting your PPC adventure. One of the most established and easiest to use pay per click program available on the web.

Yahoo Bing: Lower traffic that Adwords, but generally good results. This alternative PPC site offers great support services.
7Search: One of the oldest, yet most reliable of the PPC sites, 7Search is a great place to do keyword testing.

BuySellAds: A very large network to push your ads around the internet, plenty of high quality sites and choices for your PPC ads.

Infolinks: This marketplace supports in-text advertising which solves problems that traditional banners have on the internet. Easy to use and the results speak for themselves.

Will Pay Per Click Ads work for You?

For those who are just starting out or have a growing businesses, PPC ads is a great marketing investing. Internet search engines is just how people these days search for what they are looking for and PPS ensures that they find you. PPC is certainly an excellent way to test keywords for the long-term search engine optimization strategies that plant your website near the top of search engine listings. What kind of keywords would you think you would invest in?