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Real Estate Website

Today, more people than ever before are searching for properties online from small condos to large, multi-story houses and ranches and many are relying on the internet to research one of the biggest purchases and/or sales of their lifetime. For real estate agents, having a presence on the web is an indispensable asset to properly show off skills and experience. A real estate website has the ability to uniquely separate you from your competitors as it serves as a convenient informational hub that attracts new customers and builds your credibility as a realtor.

How a Real Estate Website will Benefit Your Business

There are several ways in which having the right real estate agent web design will help build up your business efforts. Here are 5 web design features that should be considered by an agent when developing a real estate website.

Well Branded Design:

The branding that a proper real estate website design offers will speak to your credibility and reliability as well. People are about to make huge decision that can often times be stressful and overwhelming so they are looking for a realtor that they can trust. Branding that is consistent in use of fonts, photo styles, spacing, copy, etc., reflects a level professionalism that can be relied upon. A brand style that is conservative and polished is recommended for real estate websites because it expresses a brand that takes the client’s needs seriously.

Content Highlights:

With so many people using the internet for research, it makes web content that is resourceful key to a real estate website. Such content can be links to the best online resources, a Blog or News section you can provide valuable information that really shows off your knowledge of the real estate. A real estate website can also be used to highlight the awards that you have achieved, place client testimonials and other pertinent information. It is also a helpful feature to have a nice professional photo that you can implement throughout your website that helps people to connect with a realtor on a more personal level.


A great looking website is one thing but one that offers functions that help the operation of business easier and help the consumer are a hundred times better. Such functions often featured on real estate websites is house listing. Give people the ability to see what you have for sell or list out what you are looking for. You can also add custom online forms so that you can collect the pertinent information from your clients such as buyer must haves, seller information and the like. You can also set up appointment scheduling, inquiry forms or even a mortgage calculator.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search engine optimization refers to Search engines such as Bing, Google, Bing, etc. and whether your website is optimized in a way that it consistently contains the keywords that people are searching for. Good SEO-infused content means that your website will appear high on search engine rankings that people will see and help to generate leads.

CMS Backend:

Standing for Content Management System, a CMS backend means that you have the freedom to login and make the necessary changes that you want at any time. If you want to add new real estate listings, change your office hours or just post up an interesting article on tips for buying a home, the CMS backend will allow you to do that with ease.

Having the right real estate website design will help you expand your business and reach new customers. In order to accomplish this task, you’ll need the services of the best web design team that has the experience, knowledge and tools to create an effective website that will help you reach your goals as a real estate agent.