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For those who are looking for gainful employment, having your resume online is a way to get a leg up on the competition. This allows business owners to see with ease your experience, personal biography and examples of your work in a simple and straight forward way that is not possible on a written resume. Resume websites are growing in popularity for this reason and are proving to be a valuable asset in reaching your career goals and landing that dream job.

How a Resume Website will benefit your Career Search

A resume website not only sets you apart from the competition and gets you noticed instantly but it also says volumes about what the employer can expect from you. It lets them know that you are in touch with current technology, that there is order and ease to your work style and that you are an effective communicator.

Well Branded Design:

Of course your skills and experience play a big part as a deciding factor in whether or not you’re the right fit for a particular decision. But chances are you are up against others with a similar background which is why having a well branded resume website can be the difference that ensures the employer that you are the right choice. It can be tempting to get a free site for your resume website, however this will leave you with a website that contains distracting advertisements or an unsightly url. Having a design that is consistent, easy to navigate, with a clear message shows clearly to an employer that you are a knowledgeable and reliable resource to be taken seriously.

Content Highlights:

Top Content of course will be your education, experience and skills, however with a resume website you can demonstrate these in a more dynamic fashion with the use of visually infographics such as charts, timelines or maps. In addition to the basics you can highlight your achievements, any awards that you have earned or the career goals that you met in your previous employment. Providing links to learn more about these highlights will provide further validation to your claims. A brief introductory interview video can create the relational bridge that helps apply the information to real person. Also if you have a Linked in account, providing a link to connect with you will also help potential employers verify your experience.


Great content is key but functionality can take that content a step further. What you want to accomplish will depend on what you are trying to accomplish. For example if you are an artist that wants to show your body of work your resume website can feature a gallery of photos or images that potential employers can click through. Some more common resume functionalities would be a contact form to connect or a place to instantly download a resume. The important thing is that your resume website is best geared for the type of employment that you want do.

CMS Backend:

This stands for Content Management System and is an industry standard. A CMS backend will allow you the freedom and flexibility to log in and make the changes you need quickly and with ease. You can easily update your resume with new skills and or adjust contact information as well as add to a continually growing portfolio.

Overall, having a personal website that is dedicated for your resume is a great long term career investment ensuring that you maximize your career efforts. It illustrates your determination to make the best impression possible.

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