video marketing

Video Marketing

Easily the most talked about internet marketing technique of the past five years is online video marketing. Thanks to the establishment of YouTube and advancement of technology which has allowed high quality videos to be played smoothly over the internet, online video marketing has become the hottest form of advertising around.
Nearly 150 million Americans alone watch video on the internet with 75% of all online video viewers having seen video ads within the past 30 days. It is little wonder that nearly 90% of online marketers use video as part of their advertising efforts.

Why Video Marketing Works
Video gets the viewers attention, is more personal, user friendly and helps humanize the content of what you are trying to offer. Here are the major reasons why marketing your products or services with video has such a tremendous impact on consumers.
Your Competition is Not: Most likely your competition is not using video, and if they are there videos are poorly produced. Beat out your competition with friendly videos that show your company above the competition.

Engage the Viewer: Good, well produced video is more appealing to people than simple text and images. Effective video can demonstrate a product more efficiently, convey a message more clearly and provides plenty of heart and personality.

Build Branding: A good video builds up your business brand in a more 3 dimensional scope imprinting your company that much more to your audience. It demonstrates that your company is serious about what you do and works to provide for its customers.

Improves Credibility: Credibility is everything in business and there is something about video that improves credibility, it provides a sense of seriousness and longevity to your company.

Where to Post Your Video
There are certainly quite a number of places to post your videos and do so for free in most cases. The most common place is YouTube which is currently the most popular video site on the web. However, there are other places as well that includes the following;
– Your own Website or Landing Page
– Facebook, Tumblr and other social media sites
– Vimeo, Instagram, Vine & More

The Different Types of Video
There are certainly many different types of videos in terms of subject matter that you can use to promote your business.
– Explainer, Informational and Instructional Videos
– Demonstration, Virtual Tours and Behind the Scenes Videos
– Testimonial, Customer Oriented and Results Videos
– Funny or Humorous Videos

Although all types of the videos listed here can be effective, funny videos generally have the best tendency to “go viral”. A viral video is one that spreads around the web usually through social media where millions of people see the video. Viral video marketing can be a very effective way to reach customers you otherwise would not see.
Will Video Marketing Work for You?
Thanks to professional-level video and editing products dropping drastically in price in recent years, the answer is that almost any online business can take advantage of online video marketing. With a relatively small investment, your online business can reap the benefits of marketing video consistently. In fact, viral video marketing is now a common technique that is used to get the attention of millions of people with most of the videos themselves costing very little money to produce.
There is no doubt that online video marketing is here to stay and will continue to grow in the foreseeable future. Will your small business take advantage of the benefits of online video marketing? Or maybe you have a great online video that you can share in the comments below. If so please share!