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What is a Malware Virus?

The term “malware” is a combination of the words “malicious” and “software” which is used to describe a category of software that has been coded and designed for malicious purposes. You’ll most often hear it referred to as a “malware virus” sense it evades computers and websites much like a human virus.

Types of Malware Viruses

There are many different forms of the malware which includes standard Viruses, Spyware, Rootkit, Trojan Horses and more.


A Virus is your standard malware, designed to multiply itself when invading a computer or website. Once it finds it’s way in it can damage your computer or website, corrupting data by inserting itself in lines of code. The effects are numerous, yet the it’s ability to multiply and spread rapidly are what make malware virus’ so damaging.

Trojan horse:

This type of malware gets its name from the Trojan War in regards to the tale of the Tojan Horse. The Greeks used a Trojan Horse disguised as a gift to the City of Troy, but secretly it had soldiers inside ready to invade the city.

The Trojan Horse malware virus similarly disguises itself as something good but secretly is a malware virus that is design to carry out specific actions on your computer or website. Quite often, the Trojan horse is used to allow unauthorized access to your website or computer.


This malware spreads from one computer to another “worming” its way across the network. Unlike a virus, it does not attach itself to a computer program. It can reek havoc on shared computer networks and shared hosting accounts, using massive amounts of bandwidth and damaging files in the process.


It does just that, spy. Once implanted onto your computer from, typically an unsecured website that has itself been infected with the spyware, it then gathers information without users knowledge, sending it to the hacker. Personal information can range from passwords, usernames, bank information, etc. and can lead to identity theft and other fraudulent crimes.


This malicious software is stealthy in nature as it hides within the computer or website to provide illegal access by hackers. This virus can be automated or installed directly during a website hack. The name comes from the word “root” and “kit”, describing its method of obtaining root access that allows it to remain easily undetected and take complete control of a system.

Who is Most Vulnerable to Malware Viruses?

The computers and websites that are the most vulnerable are the ones that lack proper virus protection. They do not have any anti-virus software for their computer or have 24/7 monitoring by malware specialists for their sites. This leaves the computers vulnerable to hackers and website hack attacks that will lead to popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing blocking your site from their services to protect customers from having their computers infected.

In addition, your website is vulnerable if it is on a “shared server” as opposed to a “private server”. This is because an infection on one website may spread across the server and invade your website as well as the others which are present.

How to Deal with a Malware Virus

If your computer or website has been infected by a malware virus, then you will need to have it cleaned up by the professionals with the knowledge, experience and software to do the job. They can evaluate the damage that has been done and then provide the proper malware virus removal techniques to clean and restore your website or computer.

How to Stay Protected Against a Malware Virus

Now that your computer or website has been thoroughly cleaned and is ready to run at full capacity again, it is very important that you get protection for your computer and/or website to prevent future infections that are planted by hackers. Websites will need 24 hr monitoring that will scan and protect your website on an ongoing basis. And if you already been hacked once the chances that you will be hacked again are high since you website is already on the hackers radar.

For a computer you must get anti virus software that will protect your computer from all malware virus’. Adding the right protection will provide you with an ample defense in keeping your computer and website clean and functioning normally.

At Transformed Design, we specialize in cleaning infected websites and offer an annual website virus protection service, designed to protect your website from all future attacks.